At last, I did it! At last, my book is out in the world, ready to go.

What a learning curve. I’ve written before so getting words on paper was the easy bit Beginner's guide to eco renovationand I really enjoyed it. However, this time, there was a lot of research to do, plus checking with Julia Healey – an amazing eco-inspired architect who undertook to support me and check I was on the right track. I couldn’t have done it without her. 

Once that was all done, it was on to the self publishing stage. This was the bit my publishers have always done before. Thank heaven my daughter Martha is  a published author, so at least I someone to call on – often! 

The dreaded index

Not normally one to blow my own trumpet, I must say I surprised myself. Beginner's guide to eco renovation Normally when it comes to techie problems, I back off and shout for my son-in-law Anthony. (I do have a very useful family!)  This time I stuck at it and relied on the internet for the information I needed. And I managed to get it done.  

I’ll never look at an index the same again that’s for sure. Getting it to sit on the right size page, still in its original columns and following the alphabet was a task and a half. But I got there. 

Now the real work starts

Now I have to gird my loins and take on social media. Now I have to ‘blow my own trumpet’ and get the word out. Otherwise this is just a bunch of words on a page. Without readers a book is just paper and this book has a definite job to do. It has to persuade people that thinking a bit more deeply about the environment when planning a renovation is worth the effort – not least for the positive impact it will have on the bank balance. 

75% reduction in energy use; EPC from D to B

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