Each time we finish a round of home improvement I’m sure it’s the last.
I genuinely can’t think of anything else to do. But I never factor in the presence of my ideas laden husband.

So now we’re building an eco shed

‘I’ve got a radical new idea for the house.’ Words to dread first thing in the morning. At least let me get a cup of tea first! 

A passive house shed – fully eco’d – with a large roof for solar panels. OK – solar panels – I’m on for that. But what will we do with it? Well – I did ask: 

A self sufficient space for the hot tub – posh words for an adult paddling pool that the family all love, but is normally too costly of energy to warrant regular use. 

A space for the new hobby of wood turning – room for tools, quality ventilation for all the dust, shelves for the many wooden bowls to come. 

A tango practice room – smooth floor, plenty of open space and room to turn, pivot and do the required ‘leg flapping’ of Argentinian tango. 

Sounds like the height of decadence to me. Can I bear it? What about the garden which is looking fabulous right now – it will have to be chopped about and might take years to recover….

But solar does sounds good

We do have solar already, but our house faces the wrong direction so it will never give us enough to be self sufficient. But the shed – now that we can build facing south. Maybe even have a full solar roof.  

Ok – now I’m getting excited. The chance to use all I’ve learned from writing the Beginner’s Guide to Eco Renovation and to explore the new products available when starting from scratch? I’m on!

And a great opportunity to share the process and the learning on this blog. 

Architect conversation very soon – so watch this space. 


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