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Home grown food – Yum! It makes such good sense – zero air miles, reduced waste, we know what’s been put on them and no gap between ground and table. To die for!

Problem is, I feel like I’ll die when I try gardening. All that dirt, worms, frogs even –  and that really is the end of the line for me. Plus I have a husband who loves the garden and I know I wouldn’t do it correctly to suit him. So it’s too easy for me to sit back and marvel at others who grow their own while doing nothing to help myself. 

Rocky soil

We are limited by rocky soil. Swiss chard manages it and does well. It’s brilliant – I just cut off the leaves I want and it keeps growing regardless. Strangely globe artichokes also do well, but other than that, we’ve not had much success. 

Changing the routine

I’d love to be saying that we are going to get going this spring, but I know just how John would respond: 

“When I do grow stuff we don’t eat it.” And he’s right. I  have a number of reactions: 

  • forget it’s there
  • I save it for best – an old habit from my dad – don’t want to use it because it’s so special
  • I just go the veggie shop and do what I do out of habit

I need a change of habit. And I need to encourage the gardener to have another go, then make some great meals with the produce so he’s sees his hard work was worth it. 

This is my next challenge

Any bright ideas will be very welcome. Tell me how you’ve coped with stony soil; what veggies work best and how you’ve used them.

And watch this space and I’ll tell you how we’re getting on.

Gardening is the new frontier  – my next big challenge!  

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