So many exciting ideas for the shed – solar roof, cork walls, modular building systems…. 

Our architect is on the case and helping us think outside the box and find the right way forward. I really like the idea of a solar roof. Whilst I love our solar panels for what they do, I’m afraid they are not the stuff of beauty. A bit clunky from a design perspective, I think. But a solar roof looks really good. I’d be very happy to have one of those in our garden – as long as it’s affordable of course.

The idea of modular building is also appealing – prefabricated sections that are already fully insulated with a full air tightness layer sound fantastic. Takes some of the anxiety out of it. No need to worry about whether the air tightness is good enough or if there are any gaps in the insulation.

It also looks as if a cork outer layer might be an option. It should fit into the natural garden well, although not sure how keen I am on the squares – just a bit too reminiscent of the 70’s for me. I do like a smooth line.

The prospect of including such amazing new technology is really exciting and takes some of the sting out of having builders on site again. Plus there’s no way this can take so long – is there? Last time we were doing the whole house. This is just a shed after all…..

Famous last words. Please remind me of that when I get to boiling point and just want to walk away from the whole thing!

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