Here are some of the resources we used during our eco renovation. Not recommendations, just information and ideas that we found helpful.

Professionals that will talk you through the information you need: 

Ecological building systems – they do sell products you might need, but are still generous with information and time.

Unity lime stock lime plaster and are very happy to talk about what you’ll need and to share names of possible professional that might help. 

Articles / blogs with useful information 


Blog about eco friendly insulation with contributions from a number of professionals  

Explanation of U Value 

The thorny question of spray foam insulation 

Retrofitting with Diathonite 

Pro’s and con’s of  External wall insulation

Thermal imaging camera loan scheme 

Government grants for loft insulation

Insulating a loft conversion

U values for new homes – interesting new changes to building regulations. Relevant to retrofitters as a guide to what is possible.