Winter is scary these days. With the cost of energy so high, the thought of a bill coming through the door is terrifying for many.

I do some volunteering for our local food bank – Trussell Trust and St Albans Community Pantry – and I kept thinking about our people sitting in cold and worry. Given all the work I’ve done recently on creating a warm home I thought I must be able to use that knowledge to help people save energy. 

So I set about trawling the web to find out what could be done. You’re sure to have seen some of the regular ‘10 energy hacks for the home’ or ‘5 ways to use less energy’. I read every one I could find and put them altogether into one booklet for us to give out. I did an extra trawl this year to check I had it all. Managed to add a couple of ideas which is great. 

I soon realised there are loads of us who needed to be warmer, so I’m letting as many people and organisations know about it as possible. Please help me by passing the link on to anyone you think might use it. 

This is not my intellectual property – I’ve pinched it all. So it’s here for you to read, download and print out; or download onto a kindle or your phone.

I’m going to have a go at draught proofing my friend’s letter box and keyhole myself. Just want to prove to myself that I can do it – cause if I can do it, anyone can!

So help yourself. And pass it on – schools, local councils, foodbanks, local charities, churches – anywhere that has access to people who might find this useful. Just send them the link to my blog and they can add it to their own websites. No one has to sign up, the link on the home page goes straight through to the booklet. 

Let’s help each other stay warm. 

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