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Time for climate resolutions and no point in waiting for January. The environment needs us now. Cop 27 didn’t do enough and we can’t keep waiting for governments to take action.

The likes of XR, Just Stop Oil and Insulate Britain have gone above and beyond to make their point. They care enough to go to prison – respect. I’m just not that brave, I’m afraid and I’m grateful someone is prepared to make that much noise about the emergency we face. 

But I know a lot of people resent the disruption to their lives. And that’s fine – be fed up, complain, argue that this isn’t the right way to go about it. Just  look for a better way to take action yourself.

One of the founders of XR wrote recently that it’s time for the  moderate flank to rise up and get moving. We all have talents and we have to use them now in any way we can if we’re to avoid the dreadful, scary reality that faces us. 

So it’s time to put your money were your mouth is and the perfect place to start is by cleaning up your act. Get going today and find ways to live more lightly on the Earth. Think of the difference it would make if we all did it. Governments would have to take notice. 

Where do we start?

  • Stop using plastic. Never mind recycling – only 10% is actually recycled anyway – much better to stop using the stuff. Go to refill shops, choose unwrapped fruit and veg, apply the plastic question to every purchase choice and cut down your rubbish. Go exploring and find out how you can shop differently.

  • Consider your travel – go electric, use public transport or walk more. You’ll start to see life differently, as well as saving money on visits to the petrol pump. 

  • On the subject of travel – flying away on holiday or a weekend break is an luxury the Earth can no longer afford. How about staying in the UK for short stays and going on a train adventure when you have time? So much fun! I’ll put up a blog about one of our journeys to tempt you.

  • Review your investments – savings accounts and pensions often fund oil, gas, car manufacture – all types of environmentally damaging activities – and as long as we keep investing, they’ll just keep going. So  move your money to somewhere more environmentally friendly. Most brokers and tracker funds have a sustainable option and they are now just as profitable.

  • Think about your diet – cut down or cut out animal products. It’s tradition in the UK to eat meat and fish and some people expect it every meal, but it’s not sustainable in a heating world where so many people are hungry. It’s a major polluter and a very inefficient way of producing food. There are some brilliant recipe books for vegan food that will tempt any palate.

  • Grow your own food – such a delight in allotments since Covid. Fresh food, a fun activity and saving money – a happy solution all round. 

  • Invest in solar panels – energy bills are only going up and it’s a great feeling to know you’re not costing the Earth. The cost of solar has come right down and the value of what you produce is going up each day. Look here for a good pro’s and con’s blog 

  • Sort out your house – insulate, get airtight and ventilate. It will save you a shed load of money and make you significantly more comfortable in a warm and draught free house. Take a look at my book for more information about this.

    It’s a lot to do but you can take one step at a time.  Focus all your energy in one area, then as soon as you have that licked, go to the next one. It takes time and patience, but it’s also really interesting. I’ve learned a lot, met fascinating people, reduced waste, been warmer and saved money, so there really is little downside.   

    Let me know how you get on – I’d love to hear

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