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‘Verbing’ house renovation

With a house as old as ours, we’ll never be fully eco and I won’t make a claim I’m not entitled to. So I need a new word. 


To Eco (verb) – when using ingenuity and determination to improve and retrofit an old house making it earth friendly and less expensive to the purse.


I Eco’d – I used stamina, guts, spit and feathers to get our house to its new state of eco-dom. Now it can stay warm, throw off frost and chill, make its own power and shame condensation into oblivion. 

You Eco’d – your turn next. You can go for full eco-dom or choose sub sections. You can do it all at once or build up over time. 

They Eco’d – they may not care enough yet to put in the spit and feathers, but we can encourage and cajole until eco-dom takes over and stands in opposition to a massive pile of energy bills. In time, they will think insulation alongside designer cooker hood and all will be well. 

True Eco
And there are those who can claim full eco status – the PassivHaus builders, the strip back to the bones retrofitters who go for broke. Respect! They are the ones who will cut bills down to 5% of their norm; who make good money from their excess solar. It is possible, but even I didn’t have that much spit and feathers – yet. 

Maybe next time? ? 

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