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Let’s livestream a house tour, I said. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Lots of new Instagram followers – what a great way to say Hello and introduce myself and my Victorian Eco Home. They can even see the magical staircase and the well placed dishwasher in real time! (go to my reels if you don’t understand that – you have a treat in store!)

Link to livestream open house tour 

Then the reality hit

  • No idea how to do a livestream
  • How can I make sure people know about it?
  • What about the bathroom window? It’s not due until the end of March!
  • We’ll have to tidy up the garden. Never mind that we’re taking it apart for our solar office build
  • We still have the scaffolding up from weeks ago!

I’ve run a number of house tours over the past year, so not sure why I’m getting in a twist about this one! When it’s just six people that I can look in the eye and chat with it doesn’t feel so bad. I can use the messy bits to show what we’ve actually done – like the Contega tape still on display in the bathroom. But the thought of people I can’t see feels quite different.

Link to livestream tour here 

OK Judith – let’s get sensible.

The point is for people to see what it takes to make a house eco and sustainable. I’m not inviting people into an Ideal Homes Exhibition. So calm down dear!

It’s enough to say that we are saving 75% of our energy usage. That we’re warm and comfortable and that our house is worth at least 90K more than the equivalent house in the same location. With that sort of info, who cares about the little bits of décor that can be finished at any time. Much more important to get the insulation and airtightness right.

Link to live stream house tour here

Back to the To Do list

These events are a brilliant spur to tackle all those jobs we’ve stopped seeing. We haven’t had a decent light at the top of the stairs for three years, never mind the bare bulb in the spare bedroom. The stairs and landing have finally been decorated – it took such a beating over the retrofit and we left it because ‘there might be more mess yet’ (great excuse that one). The fact that we didn’t like it and new wallpaper is going up on Monday is another matter.

So by next weekend, the house will be ready to show you. There will still be grotty bits – we’ll always be changing something. But you’ll get the idea. Those in the room will feel the warmth under their feet and hear the air source heat pump. Those online will see it all and ask their questions.

We’ll all be learning and sharing. And hopefully people will leave with an idea of how they can make their homes more energy efficient and economic. And we can all do our bit for the planet.

So see you on April 6th at 11.30am GMT. My place. Looking forward to it. You’ll be very welcome!

Link to Livestream house tour 

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