We had a moment of panic when insulating under the dining room floor. The next big job on the list was the underfloor heating (UFH) and pinning down a date hadn’t been an easy task. When the plumbers suddenly told us they would be with us the next day, we realised we’d need to burn the midnight oil – we couldn’t bear to put them off. But ……. we didn’t have enough batts to finish the job and the building merchants would have to order it in. You can imagine the expletives – they heated the house up all on their own!

It was decided that John would start with what we did have, while I drove to Northampton to pick up as much pavaflex as I could get in the car. So that dark and stormy night (and I really mean stormy) I found myself searching for a large builders yard just off the motorway. The person behind the desk was remarkably helpful given it was nearly closing time and I was in a bit of a flap. But my spirits lifted when she asked me where I’d parked my lorry.

Clearly I wasn’t at my most elegant – building site home and covid, what did you expect – but none of that mattered when she thought I might be someone who could drive a lorry. Go me!!

Needless to say, I got myself and the batts home – pretty hairy at times, but we made it. And of course, the plumbers changed their schedule so it was all in vain, but it was done and I looked like someone who might drive a lorry.

Made my month!